Action Faith Ministries is a church that welcomes everyone just as they are.  We are committed to helping you find help, healing and hope.  We are equipped to meet all of your family’s needs.  We also offer an interactive learning environment for your child to build relationships, love Jesus, and join in our vision to connect and touch the world. 

You are welcomed here!

Our Pastor


Most children of God continue to search for answers, for power and might, and for creativity and direction from the OUTSIDE. They look towards the heavens, towards the church and they look at tradition waiting to receive the help that they need.

The scriptures clearly show God’s intentions from the very beginning of creation. His plan has called for man to be infused with the very essence of God. Eternity and Power is now flowing from WITHIN. The WELL is not on the outside, but it has been established in our hearts. From our HEARTS flow rivers of LIVING WATER.

Come and join us and be empowered by the truth of the Word of God so you can live successful and powerful lives, now and in this Earth

-Pastor David Sariñana

Values & Belifs


Action Faith exists to educate individuals about the importance of their role in the Kingdom of God, proclaim and communicate effectively, apply the Biblical principles of the Kingdom of God, encourage productivity through the understanding and manifestation of their potential and increase the quality of life according to God’s plan affecting all facets of life of their present and future generations.

Our Vision

Educating individuals to become productive and responsible in the God’s Kingdom.

Our Philosophy

To dignify, uplift and bring every individual to full maturity.  To introduce them to a continual walk of development, excellence, and service.

Our Purpose

To bring salvation, restoration, and an awakening of the importance of true worship. To release spiritually mature individuals to take their rightful positions of leadership and responsibility in family, community, nation, and the world, embracing a clear and personal relationship with God through the redemptive restored work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Mandate

To reach the world and eradicate ignorance. 

-Isaiah 5:13-